Smooth Smoke Herbal Smoking Blend

Smooth Smoke® is a versatile and enjoyable herbal smoking blend. You can smoke it by itself or use as a mixer with cannabis, tobacco or other herbs. It contains no tobacco or nicotine and uses only certified organic herbs. Our herbal blend smokes well in any smoking accessory such as rolling papers, pipes and dry herb vaporizers. Smooth Smoke has a robust and satisfying smoke that can also calm and soothe your nerves and can uplift your spirit and emotions.

Smooth Smoke Packaging and Display Boxes
Smooth Smoke - 0.5 oz

Smooth Smoke – 0.5 oz


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Smooth Smoke - 1 oz

Smooth Smoke – 1 oz


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People have used Smooth Smoke® in many ways. It is a wonderful tool to help people wean off of their tobacco habit and finally quit smoking but do so in a gentle, permanent way. Smooth Smoke is also a great blend to share with others during rituals. Above all, it is a tasty and enjoyable smelling smoke.

100% Certified Organic and Reiki Infused Ingredients:

Kinnikinnick, Coltsfoot, Damiana, Mullein, Eyebright, Lavender, Chamomile & Mint

*Do not use this blend during pregnancy

Includes FREE hemp rolling papers

“I knew it was out there! Organic Smooth Smoke® allowed me to satisfy my physical habit and it satisfied my nicotine desire. It calms and mellows. I’m cigarette free and did it naturally. Thanks to Smooth Smoke®!”

Our blend was formulated in 1997 by our founder, a Certified Medical Herbalist and Reiki Master who infuses each and every batch with Reiki energy. This blend was created from extensive research into traditional smoking herbs from around the world. It was then fine-tuned to become the perfect tobacco alternative.