Quit smoking tobacco with Smooth Smoke

This is the smoke blend to help you do that! Since 1997, we’ve helped many people gently and permanently wean themselves off their tobacco habit. 100% Organic Smooth Smoke® has a robust, satisfying flavor but is not addictive or full of chemicals and pesticides. This smoke blend can appease your need to smoke if you are in the process of quitting a tobacco habit.

Here’s the Magical Botanicals® method to wean off tobacco and quit smoking for good:

Buy a pouch of loose tobacco (preferably organic), and a package of Organic Smooth Smoke® and start by rolling 50% tobacco and 50% Organic Smooth Smoke®. It helps to roll several of these mixed cigarettes at a time.

Once your body has adjusted to this reduced level of nicotine, then reduce the tobacco by 25% and increase the Organic Smooth Smoke® by 25% until you are used to this new mixed level.

The next step is to then smoke only Organic Smooth Smoke® and by this point you will be free from the tobacco and nicotine addiction!