Humans have been smoking various plants for thousands of years. Herbs and tobacco have been used by Native cultures around the world in their ceremonies in different ways. Some smoke the herbs and inhale and breathe out their prayers, some put the herbs wrapped in bundles in the fire and once they catch fire, they remove it, blow out the fire and use the bundle as a ‘smudge’ by waving the smoking herbal bundle around while saying prayers to spread the smoke to cleanse the space and the people there.

Herbal medicine is powerful and magical. The various botanicals can do amazing things in our bodies to help us heal, help us relax, help us find balance within ourselves plus many other benefits. I formulated Smooth Smoke Herbal Smoking Blend using only certified organic herbs and I infuse every batch with Reiki energy. Smoking Smooth Smoke is not only an enjoyable experience, it’s also healing to the subtle, energetic levels of the body. It’s a multi-faceted approach given to us from the plants and Universal Energy.

Some plants like tobacco, are damaging when smoked frequently. With so many people addicted to the nicotine and the physical habit of hand-to-mouth smoking, changing this can be difficult for many. This is the original reason I created Smooth Smoke Herbal Smoking Blend. To help heal and wean myself off of my addiction. If you would like to read about my journey in quitting smoking tobacco, I wrote the whole story for you.